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John W. Hyde - Stock Exchange

Rehab Consulting’s clients include Entertainment and Media companies as well as intellectual properties such as film libraries, music libraries, literary properties, and film and television distribution for selected titles.


Rehab Consulting is currently consulting for The Jim Henson Company, where John Hyde serves as Vice Chairman of the Board. Additionally, Hyde has recently completed his assignment as court appointed Chief Restructuring Officer of Inferno Distribution. 

Rehab Consulting    Selected Clients

Starz Media, LLC

Chase Bank

TM Media and Entertainment

Producer's Sales Organization (PSO)

Wells Fargo Bank

Grove Television

CrownStar Records

FilmStar Library

Inferno Distribution

E! Entertainment

Reeves Entertainment

Awesome Comics

Carson Entertainment Group

Comerica Bank

Orion Pictures


The Jim Henson Company

Warner Brothers

Film Roman


Virdis Interactive

Hemdale Film Corporation

Bank of America

Cannon Pictures

Riklis Broadcasting


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